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SOT Information

The School Organizational Team (SOT) is responsible for:
  • Providing assistance and advice to the principal regarding the development of the School Plan of Operation.
  • Providing continued assistance and advice to the principal in carrying out the School Plan of Operation.
  • Assisting in the discussion of any additional authority to be transferred to the school to carry out responsibilities.
  • Assisting with the selection of the next principal when a principal vacancy occurs.
Conners staff and administration have a School Organizational Team in place and are meeting monthly. Please visit the page frequently for updates, copies of the agenda, and meeting minutes.

2022-2023 School Organizational Team Members


Karen Williams
Tina Jacobson
Thea Romoff   


Amy Koss
Mary Ann Hughes
Dr. Karen Marentic, Principal 
Andrea Marinac, Assistant Principal 

Link to CCSD SOT information:

Upcoming SOT Meeting:  

August 15, 2023 @2:30pm