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Student Handbook

Welcome to Eileen Conners Elementary School.
The purpose of this handbook is to give you a general understanding of our school. The staff of Conners is very proud of our school committed to ensuring that every child is provided a quality education, one that will prepare each student with the skills necessary to be a life-long learner. I hope you have a rewarding experience at Eileen Conners Elementary,

Where Learning Comes First!


Parents Please Note: The gates to the school yard are unlocked at 7:50 AM. Students are not to arrive before this time unless they are enrolled in the SAFEKEY program, purchasing school breakfast or special arrangements have been made with a classroom teacher. Conners Elementary School is a closed campus. The gates are unlocked at 2:05 PM. Please make sure your child is picked up promptly.
Students left after 2:21 PM will be subject to the CCSD afterschool care policy.


Office Hours 6:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Teacher Hours 7:10 AM - 2:21 PM
School Hours 7:50 AM - 2:11 PM
CCSD Breakfast Program *7:45 AM -7:55 AM


School attendance is vital to your child’s academic success in school.
The laws about school truancy are intended to reduce the high rate of habitual truants in schools.
  • The principal of the school is required to report the pupils that are habitually truant to law enforcement.
  • A habitual truant is defined as a “student who has three unapproved or unexcused absences within one school year.”
  • A truant is a pupil who is absent from school without the approval of the teacher or principal of the school unless the pupil is physically or mentally unable to attend school.
  • If a pupil is absent due to physical or mental reasons, the parent must notify the school in writing (ie. a handwritten note, completing an absence excuse form located in the front office, or by utilizing our electronic absence note in the "parent" tab) within three school days of the absence.
  • Provides the court authority to order the student or parent to pay a fine of $100.00 or more for habitual truancy. The court can order the suspension of driver license privileges of a student 14 years of age or older for habitual truancy​ 


The safety of our students is important to us! It is important to educate, counsel, and provide information to our students regarding student safety. Please be advised that pocket knives, BB guns, sharp instruments, fireworks and handguns are not to be brought to school for any reason. Possession of such items will result in disciplinary action and/or expulsion. Your cooperation and participation in supporting school safety is vital. Parents can help us by checking the backpacks of their children on a daily basis to ensure that inappropriate items are not brought to school. Please remind your child that many dangerous items that may be used during family camping trips, or hunting activities under parent supervision, are considered weapons and are not to be brought to school for any reason. Thank you for your cooperation and support. Together we can maintain the high education and safety standards we expect at our schools.


Student birthdays will be included in the morning announcements. Students celebrating a birthday will be called to the office to receive a birthday pencil (weekend birthdays will be acknowledged on Fridays). To limit classroom disruption, items from home will NOT be accepted. If you would like to purchase a birthday treat from the school store to be shared with the class at lunch, you can do so by contacting the front office at 702-799-1402.
Birthday party invitations must be handed out before or after school by the student.
Invitations may NOT be handed out in class.
School parties for grades K-5 may be held to recognize special identified events or certain holidays.  Your child may be asked to furnish such items as snacks, paper goods or drinks.  Details of any special events will be supplied to parents by the classroom teachers at various times throughout the year. 
 Parties will be held during the last hour of the school day.


Each classroom teacher will communicate with parents and students about specific homework expectations.


  1. Students are required to wear shoes that are appropriate for school activities. For safety reasons, children should wear closed-toed shoes.
  2. Hemmed shorts that are fingertip length may be worn to school.
  3. Short shorts, halter tops, bare midriffs, or tops and outfits that provide minimum coverage are not allowed. Dresses and tops that are designed with straps must be no less than 3 inches wide and must cover the shoulder. Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length. (CCSD Regulation 5131)
  4. All students are prohibited from wearing hats, except on designated days. (CCSD Regulation 5131)
  5. Advertising on clothing which by its controversial or obscene nature disrupts the educational setting is prohibited.
  6. If children arrive at school dressed inappropriately, they may be asked to phone home for a change of clothing. Students will be detained in the office until arrangements can be made for appropriate school attire.


School attendance is compulsory for all children between the ages of seven and seventeen in the state of Nevada (NRS 392.040). It is the parent’s responsibility to see that regular attendance is monitored. CCSD Regulation 5113 pertains to student attendance and states that a written explanation must accompany students no later than 3 days after the date a student returns to school. Notes cannot be accepted after the third day and the absence will remain unexcused. Phone calls made to the school to report your child absent does not excuse your child’s absence.
Additionally, absences shall only be approved when:
  • The student is physically or mentally unable to attend school, or the absence is related to the student’s disability and the course work has been completed.
  • The approval of the teacher, principal, or designee has been given for an unavoidable absence due to an emergency.
  • The student is absent due to a required court appearance or religious holiday.
  • The absence has been arranged pursuant to the request of a parent of legal guardian prior to the absence and does not exceed the allowable ten (10) arranged days per school year.
  • A student is to be marked tardy who is not physically present in the classroom prior to 8:00 AM. If your student arrives after 8:30 AM, they must be walked into the front office by an adult. 


Report cards are distributed at the end of every semester. Parents are encouraged to contact the teachers if there are any questions or concerns relating to student progress. These will be available to view through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.


Our parent newsletter, The Conners Communicator, is published monthly. This will be available to view on our website Please watch for this publication as it advertises events that are happening at the school and contains important information you need to know. Hard copies will be available in the front office.
Additionally, each grade level will send home a newsletter highlighting the specific skills/concepts being focused on for the month. Teachers will also include upcoming events such as field trips, special projects, and information to help parents support the learning that is taking place in the classroom.


Please label your child’s possessions. In this way, lost items can easily be identified and returned to the proper child. The school has a lost and found area located in the front office. Please have your child check for items they have misplaced.


Breakfast and lunch for students is provided at NO COST. A la carte items such as milk and juice can be purchased as well.


A bicycle parking area is located on the Intermediate playground. Each student MUST have an individual bicycle lock to secure their bicycles each day. Bicycles are not allowed to be chained together. The school district will not assume responsibility for any loss or damages to the bicycles. Theft of a bicycle is probable unless it is locked. No scooters or skateboards should be ridden to school due to the inability to secure them in the bike rack. For the safety of all students, bicycles MUST BE WALKED ON CAMPUS.
If your child’s bicycle ever gets stolen or damaged while on campus, please do the following:
Contact the school immediately. Contact CCSD police at 799-5411 to file a report. CCSD Police will conduct an investigation.


DO NOT allow students to bring nuisance items (toys) to school which are not a part of the educational program or unless specifically requested by the teacher. Keep chewing gum, candy, radios, iPods, toys, purses, hand-held games, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, Frisbees, baseball bats, baseballs, and all other miscellaneous sports equipment at home!


This responsibility includes the school building, furnishings, books and materials among other things. Students may be charged for the damage of any school property and be subject to disciplinary action.


It is very important to keep your child’s information current. Please come into the school office with your photo ID to inform the school of any changes in address, telephone numbers, at home and at work. This is essential in case of an illness or emergency. Pursuant to FERPA laws, this information CANNOT be changed over the telephone.


The office telephones are for school business only. Students need special permission from their teachers to use the telephone for emergencies. Emergencies will not include forgotten items including homework, lunches or special projects. Students will not be called from their classrooms to take a telephone call at any time. For the safety of our students, messages will not be delivered to any child unless the parent or guardian comes into the office and presents proper identification.


If students are required to take medications at school, parents must obtain and sign a current CCF-643, medication release form, from the health office. All medications, including over-the-counter remedies, must have a doctor’s prescription and be stored in a properly labeled container. Students are not permitted to carry medications with them, this includes over-the-counter cough drops. All medications are kept in a locked cabinet and are dispensed from the nurse’s office according to the directions prescribed by your physician.


Students must be enrolled through the school office before they will be allowed to attend classes. If they are enrolling from another Clark County School, a transfer form and proof of your current address are required to enroll your child. Parents of kindergarten children and students new to the district must present a birth certificate from the state in which the child was born, immunization records, the parent’s driver’s license, and proof of address at the time of registration. When you are planning to withdraw a student, the office must have at least 24 hours prior notice in order to prepare the necessary documents.


If your child must be released during the school day for a dentist or doctor appointment, etc., we ask that you notify your child’s classroom teacher via email or a note. Upon your arrival, your child’s teacher will be notified that the student is leaving and one of the office staff will bring your child to the office. Students will not be released from class between 1:30 - 2:11 PM. If you need to remove your child prior to the end of the school day, please make arrangements to do so prior to 1:30 PM. Parents/Guardians are required, by district policy, to be listed in Infinite Campus and to sign the student out of school through the front office. Children are never released on their own for any reason during the school day. Students must be picked up from school by a parent or a parent’s designee (age 18 or older). Please have proper personal identification with you at the time you sign out the student as they will not be released without presentation of a state/government issued ID. Teachers are NOT ALLOWED to release students directly to parents without officially going through the front office.


CCSD Policy 5136 provides that students are permitted to bring personal cell phones to school. The policy states that during the instructional day, students may only use these devises with the approval of the principal (or designee).
Personal technology and communication devices, such as cell phones or tablet computers, are utilized in many ways and are becoming a component of the educational setting. At school, it is critical that students only access personal technology and communication devices when allowed and only for the intended purpose(s). Clark County School District (CCSD) Policy 5136, along with the CCSD Acceptable Use Policy, provides guidelines for the appropriate usage of both District and personal electronic devices along with consequences for violations of the policy.

No Use: Students’ cellular phones and personal electronic devices must be turned off and remain off and shall remain in the student’s backpack while on school grounds.

Use of personal technology and communication devices that violate state or federal law, any District policies or regulations, or the CCSD Acceptable Use Policy is prohibited. When usage of devices is not allowed, devices must be turned off and stored in a non-visible location such as in a backpack. Confiscated devices will only be returned to a parent/guardian. Students who violate these laws or policies will be disciplined according to District guidelines and the device will be subject to confiscation.
Parents/guardians are asked to silence cellular phones and other devices while at the school. This ensures both compliance with the above guidelines and serves to set a positive example for students.


Nevada law provides for increased protection of school facilities, personnel, and most importantly, our students. To that end, the jurisdiction of School Police now extends to the streets adjacent to school property for the purpose of issuing traffic citations for violations during school and school-related activities. School Police officials have informed us that they will be actively citing drivers engaging in illegal and potentially dangerous activities. Jaywalking will be included as a violation. This new ticketing authority is applicable to both moving and non-moving traffic violations. Your child’s safety is our #1 priority. By promoting, following, and enforcing traffic safety rules in and around our campus, we can share in creating a greater level of security for all of our children