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Before School: 

Gates open at 8:55am. Students are not to be on campus before this time unless eating breakfast or at Safekey.

Gate 1 will close promptly at 9:05am.

Grades 1 - 5 will enter through gate 1 and go directly to their classrooms

Kindergarten students will enter through gate 2 and line up with their teachers. Gate 2 will close promptly at 9:00am.

Students dropped off in the Kiss and Go area will enter the playground and go directly to their classrooms via the outside doors. 


Kiss and Go gate will close promptly at 9:05am.

Breakfast opens at 8:45am. Students eating breakfast will enter via the doors on the south side of the cafeteria. 
If a student arrives after their designated gate closes, they must enter through the front office. 

Students arriving after 9:10am will be issued a tardy slip. Students must be IN their classroom before the 9:10am bell rings or are considered tardy. 


After School:


Gates open at 3:15pm.

All 1st-5th grade students will exit through gate 1.
Kindergarten students will be picked up at gate 2.

The gates are locked at 3:31pm.

Please exit the playground area upon picking up your student(s). 


For safety reasons, a section of the Conners parking lot, which is the bus lane, will be closed off each morning and afternoon. Only district buses will be able to enter on the southwest corner (the lane goes directly in front of the school). Please be vigilant in obeying all traffic laws and act as a courteous driver when picking up your child. Upon entering the main parking lot, the center aisle has been closed. Please note the "One way" direction of the traffic. Vehicles double parked on the street and vehicles parked in a handicap parking spot without proper plates/placard are subject to receiving a traffic ticket.


On the north side of the school building, we have a designated "Kiss & Go" lane, which allows students to be dropped off and picked up in a quick, safe manner. When driving in, please ensure you pull forward to the next available open spot. Also, please remember that vehicles should NOT be parked in the "Kiss & GO" lane, as they will block the on-going traffic flow.

Please also be aware of the marked Fire Lanes, Crosswalks, no parking areas, and other laws that pertain to traffic in school zones. Remember, there are NO U-TURNS allowed in a school zone! Thank you for helping keep our students safe!


We also please ask respectfully that you DO NOT USE the parking lot as a "Kiss & Go". Children walking through the parking lot unattended creates an unsafe environment for everyone. We have hundreds of students leaving the campus at the same time, so please act in a way that ensures the safety and well being of all children, staff, and community members. Lastly, please understand that the bus areas (as well as the street exit on Constantinople) are clearly marked and should never be used for parking. Thank you very much for your diligent attention to this matter.