Square 1 Art - Visual Arts Fundraiser

Paint, markers, paper, glue, brushes..... these items fill our art room with the opportunities to inspire creativity.

A gift of Art is a gift forever and helps offset the cost of materials for all students. Conners Elementary School budgets $1.00 per student for art supplies.

Students will create a work of art in their Visual Arts class. Square 1 reproduces this artwork onto a variety of pieces that can be purchased, such as shirts, mugs, stickers, necklaces, tote bags and many more. The funds generated from these purchases go directly back into the visual arts budget.

Your child's custom Square 1 Art catalog will be sent home and it will display their art on the cover. Celebrate your child's creativity by purchasing keepsakes for the whole family containing their masterpiece. And as a thank you for participating, we provide each child with a sheet of stickers imprinted with their artwork - absolutely FREE!

Your catalog has your child's online art access code on the back of the catalog. This is needed to associate your student's art with the products you order and is required for any orders you place.

Dates to remember:

3/5/20 - Individual packets from Square1 Art go home with students

3/18/20 - Online orders due

3/20/20 - Very last day to place orders on line

4/13/20 - Products arrive at the school

4/15/20 - Orders come home with students

Thank you for your support!